Vision & Mission


We at SBPS, cherish the vision to form opportunities within and afar the prospectus, to make every potential student to enhance and develop their energy so that they become positive, sovereign and flourishing global citizens. In every probable form, the main vision we hold is to empower each and every student to achieve their true capability of forming a strapping foundation in an elevated environment and grooming a responsible global citizens, that not only shapes the world, but also contributes to the betterment of the society.

We at Shiksha Bharti Public School, work devotedly to enhance the teaching and learning for all the budding students. SBPS forms a comforting personalized studying environment, to facilitate everyone while inspiring them to learn each and every experience with eagerness, elasticity, and determination. We preserve and nurture the dream to enhance a lifelong learning by mounting creative, self-governing, and thoughtful apprentices.


"We at Shiksha Bharti Public School, continually strive to instill the fortitude and ability to glean the treasure that lies within, to explore their talents and enhance their proficiency to enable them achieving the goals to mark their own distinctiveness in this ever-changing world."

SBPS Continuously Strive to-

  • Leverage numerous opportunities to learners for stepping beyond the walls of classrooms and discover and learn new spheres.
  • Nurture candidly beautiful individuals by filling the right attitude and moral values in the students.
  • Elevate learners to become liberal, effective and responsible part of the society.
  • Deliver a co-educational experience that will keep learners creatively, physically, judiciously, spiritually, as well as socially sound.
  • Prepare Students with buoyancy, proficiency and prudence, to encounter the challenges formed by an energetic cutthroat world.