From The Chairman Desk

Dear Parents!

It gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction to share my experience about the phenomenal journey of Shiksha Bharti Public School.

Our dream and inspiration to create SBPS embarked on the prominent year 1999. It has encountered many different phases of development since its inception. For decades, SBPS has flourished from a small seed into a healthy prolific sphere. All the problems we have encountered till now, have served a tremendous help in improving the skills, passions, talents, intelligence, confidence, among the future of the nation, the children and in creating a successful human being in the society who eventually turn out to be a valuable citizen of the country.

Education is the formula to build a society, which is vibrant and prolific, leveraging opportunities and fairness to all. It's the primitive necessity for human development, the prominence of which can be ignored. It releases the treasure that lies within all of us. In the future, knowledge and skills will be every thing, which makes anyone successful.

At Shiksha Bharti Public School, we are working hard to give shape to the vision with the assistance of state-of-the-art team of leaders, teachers, administrators, academic planners, and professional teachers who are giving their absolute effort to surpass all of those who have admitted their loving children with dreams in their eyes.

With Best RegardsChairman,
SBPS Gurgaon